show people there is more in life, they just have to go for it

Extraordinary is what you are, ordinary is what you choose

One day a client asked me: “What do you mean by extraordinary and do you think I am extraordinary?”

Her words really shook me because I realised many people believe only a few are chosen to be extraordinary.

When the truth is we are all born extraordinary but chose along the way to become ordinary.

Living extraordinarily to me means following your purpose in life, using your gift to make an impact bigger than yourself, living a balanced life and having healthy relationships with others and yourself.

Yet I see so many people, who believe they can only have one thing or the other, they believe they have to accept their life the way it is, even if it makes them unhappy deep inside.

They don’t realise by accepting all this, they’re telling themselves subconsciously that they don’t deserve better.

But let me tell you, you do deserve better.

You don’t need to run your body down, you don’t have to argue with your partner all the time, you don’t have to be moody at work and feel overwhelmed, you don’t have to do the job that doesn’t fulfil you anymore.


  1. Say yes to yourself. Make sure you are ok before you ensure other areas of your life are ok. Because if you feel resentment, anger and frustration, it will reflect in all other areas of your life.
  2. Remember who you really are and what you really want in life. This is about you, not about what others expect from you. Who are you right now? What emotions do deal with? How do you interact with others? What are your boundaries? Are you being true to yourself? Who are you really? What are your real desires?
  3. Go from ordinary to extraordinary, don’t ignore issues in your life anymore. They are signals to show you where your attention needs to go right now. When your car runs out of petrol and the signal comes on, do you ignore it? Maybe for a while but then you realise what the consequences will be. The signals in your life are here to help and guide you and it’s now up to you to act.

If there is someone you feel needs to hear this right now, please share.

If you feel you’re sick and tired of struggling with ordinary aspects of your life and want to experience the extraordinary then send me a DM and watch your life transform.

With all my love,